GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions & IOT :

Whether it is your child travelling to school or a consignment delivery, it is important you keep track of things all the time. AFTSPL provides you with technology solutions that help you keep track of things, ensuring safety and efficiency from the comfort of your desk.
Our devices are equipped with a GPS Hardware and Software Application, which give you information about a person’s or vehicle’s real time movements, 24X7. Whether you run a school, manage a company or deal with perishable products, you can use our devices to monitor timely deliveries, pilferage and temperature in the vehicle during transit. These devices also work great as personal trackers, which are ideal for children, vulnerable adults and lone workers.
We provide you with tracking devices and cost-effective solutions customized to your need. Our products cater to schools, MNCs, BPOs, hospitals, pharmacies, banks, and industries across tourism, food and beverage, logistics, defense and many more.

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