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E- Challan

E - Challan

E - Challan

All in one solution to Traffic offences providing Traffic Ticketing solution / digital tickets for traffic rule breakers i.e. digital solution for enforcement of traffic rules.

A regular traffic fine challan is a physical receipt for any traffic-related offences, while the e-challan is the electronic form of this challan. The document is generated through the Electronic Challan System and the main focus on introducing e-challan by the Centre is to provide transparency and improve its services to citizens of India.

Our E challan is integrated with

Key Feature

  • Challan Generation
    • Challan entry (Online / Offline) with photo evidence facility
    • Max dropdowns & user-friendly screens
    • Automatic Datetime, GPS Location
    • Data validation while entry
    • Integration with Vahan / Sarathi
    • Alerts & Challan History
    • Multiple violations in single challan
    • Impounding
    • Printing on thermal printer using Bluetooth connectivity
    • e-mail / SMS integration
    • Auto Sync offline records as soon as device is in internet range
  • Payment
    • Automatic fine calculation
    • Increase of fine if not paid in time / Habitual offender
    • Partial payment not accepted , Multiple challan single payment
    • Online Payment using Dr./Cr. Cards on device, Pay-TM, CC-Avenue, M-Pesa, MobiKwik
    • eMail / SMS integration
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • On-screen Signature Capture
  • Fully loaded Keypad Pos (EDC) machine
  • Secure, flexible connectivity
  • Smart card enabled
  • Simplicity of Use
  • Biometric uthentication
  • In-built printer
  • Inbuilt Camera

Apart from the above features there are many more which have been enlisted in our app for generating online challan to help officers for keeping record of all offences by driver and vehicle with their charges and make online payment.

This has also helped to increase on the spot payments, which will help the traffic units in saving time. The app is also useful in tracing the background of the offender by showing previous cases of traffic violations, or whether there is any fine pending.


  • Elimination of human error due to automatic selection of offence section and fee
  • Tax/fitness/permit automatically verified
  • Biometric acceptance of fees
  • Photo/video for oversize vehicle or fancy number plate
  • Challan records available for public on website
  • The solution app will help traffic police to enforce transport laws and regulation.
  • Availability of complete offence history – vehicle and driver
  • No human error due to automatic selection of offence section and compounding fees based on nature of offence.
  • It is cashless system

Detection of –

  • Suspicious / Stolen vehicle
  • Vehicle/Driver involved in Criminal activity
  • Scrap / Cancelled / Suspended vehicle /Licenses
  • Expired / forged documents
  • Automatic challan generations for over speeding vehicle
  • Evidence capture with timestamp and lat+long superimposed on image
  • Integration with SMS gateway for immediate delivery of electronic challan
  • On the spot generation of towing challan with evidence stamped time and location
  • Integration with SMS gateway for intimation to the owner
  • Provision to pay on the spot including past unpaid challans
  • Integration with RLVD camera for generating challans on vehicles violating Zebra Crossing
  • 3 photos with gap of 5 seconds to analyze motion
  • Integration with SMS gateway for immediate delivery of electronic challan
  • Integration with Breath Analyser for generating challans for drunk drivers
  • Breath Analyser device sends photo and reading if count is above limit
  • No manual intervention
  • As a special operation police have discretionary powers of stop and search
  • Mobile application help police for quick search by fetching following information
  • Vehicle information from Vahan
  • Traffic violation history