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The AFTSPL group is a strategic, influential and credible leader in Fleet owner & Car Rental Solutions, with an extensive network across India.

Now ventured into development of Intelligent Transport Systems. This includes GPS tracking solutions and IOT, Command and Control Centre, E-challan, GIS Business Solutions & e-vehicles.

A professional team with expertise in Design, Ergonomics, Customer Processes & Functionality requirements result in the State-of-the-Art Consoles that lead to avant-garde solutions.

At AFTPSL, we guarantee our customers absolute peace of mind, Assurance, reliability, Secure environments, and commitment to quality.


  • We strive in order to provide you with unparalleled innovation, service and solutions.
  • We are committed to consistently provide you wth innovation and flexibility of design, engineering expertise and diligent customer service.
  • We establish Pro-active client procedures and customer support.
  • We practice ethical procedures.


Fleet Owner & Car Rental Solutions

Dedicatedly serving our clients and customers for the last 30 years maintaining quality and safety. A trustworthy car rental service available 24/7 at your convenience.

GPS Tracking Solutions

Whether it is your child, your vehicle or a delivery package, if its important to you; it is important to us. AFTPSL provides you with technology solutions that help you keep a track of things, ensuring safety and comfort at your leisure.

Command & Control Centre

Intelligent transport system (ITS) under the Automotive industry standard-140 (AIS 140). The ITS is globally proven to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure to the best of its capacity.

E- Challan

All in one solution to traffic offences. Adapting to the modern technology, E-challan is the digital version of the physical receipts for any traffic related offences.

GIS Business Solutions

Geographic information system (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, and analysing data. Spatial and geographical data is used to create maps that communicate, perform analysis, share information and solve complex problems.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions & IOT

Core analytics redefined for all Transportation services

Whether it is your child travelling to school or a consignment delivery, it is important you keep track of things all the time. AFTSPL provides you with technology solutions that help you keep track of things, ensuring safety and efficiency from the comfort of your desk.

Our devices are equipped with a GPS Hardware and Software Application, which give you information about a person’s or vehicle’s real time movements, 24X7. Whether you run a school, manage a company or deal with perishable products, you can use our devices to monitor timely deliveries, pilferage and temperature in the vehicle during transit. These devices also work great as personal trackers, which are ideal for children, vulnerable adults and lone workers.

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