Case Studies

GPS Tracking Solutions & IOT

School Bus & Staff Bus Solution

Ensuring student safety in school/Staff transport is a major concern for parents and management alike. Added to this are challenges like efficient vehicle management, regulatory compliance and timeliness.

ATSPL Telematics employs user-friendly GPS and RFID tracking to provide up-to-the-minute data, including:

  • 24×7 Real-Time Location Status
  • Student Movement History
  • Vehicle Movement History (Stoppages, Idling, Location, Speed, etc.)
  • Preventive Maintenance Information to Recognize Potential Risks

Solution Feature Snapshot

  • Vehicle Location Information to Parents via SMS
  • Harsh Braking & Sudden Acceleration Monitor
  • RFID Tag for Student Tracking
  • Student Pick-Up and Drop Time Record
  • CCTV Recording for SD Card, Local DVR, Mobile DVR, Wi-Fi, and Online
  • Vehicle & Driver Fitness Alert for Conformance to Safety Norms